SwapTales: Léon! – a MAGIC game

SwapTales: Léon! – a MAGIC game

On march the 21th 2015 in Monaco, SwapTales: Léon ! won the video game contest of the MAGIC festival! We tell you here how it all happened…

In march, the 21th, 2015 at Monaco, SwapTales: Leon ! won the videogame creation contest during the MAGIC conferences! We were awarded by a jury constituted by:

  • Alain Damasio, author of the Wind Walkers,
  • Eric Chahi, creative director (Another World, Heart Of Darkness),
  • Oskar Guilbert, CEO of Dontnod Entertainment et Hesaw
Thanks to them and Shibuya Productions, we will be able to finish and launch the game!

Videos of the event

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