Making of – The genesis of SwapTales:Leon!

Making of – The genesis of SwapTales:Leon!

Today, we’ll talk about the genesis of SwapTales: Leon!, our first game. Let’s go!


2011 – The student project “Michel”

It all started with a school project. The original idea was to create an adventure and cooperation game which would bring together parents and children on iPad. The idea of swapping words inside a story was already present in this first version, developed in 3 months, as part of a first year of a Masters degree at Enjmin school, France.

2011/12 – Several student prizes won

After the project presentation, “Michel” won several awards: the Great video game student prize at the Paris Games Week and multimedia author SACD prize. The game has even been shown on StarPlayer, the television show of famous French video game program presenter, Bertrand Amar.

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Later, motivated by these victories and in addition to the professional activities they were each individually engaged in, some members of the team decided to continue the adventure and produce a true professional prototype in order to push the potential of the concept.

March 2015 – “Michel” becomes SwapTales: Leon!

This prototype enabled us to win the video game creation contest Magic Festival (organized by Shibuya Productions), which took the shape of a €100,000 investment in the project. On this occasion, the game was also mentioned in the news of the Nolife channel.

September 2015 – Creation of Witty Wings

This award allowed us to found our studio Witty Wings and obtain the support of the CNC with FAJV (French video game fund). We subsequently signed with the game publisher Plug In Digital Label and continued our collaboration with Shibuya Productions. We also received the help of Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS), which had already shown interest in “Michel”. The production of SwapTales: Leon! is now well advanced for its release scheduled for October 20!

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